(Evelien Bracke & Irma Foldenyi)
Royal Paleis
Soestdijk, NL 
Part of the exhibition ‘Bal’.


‘A is for Adjudant, P is for Paperweight’

What if a desk is a landscape, a paperweight a jewel, a workspace an island. What scenario’s could be projected on the white scene in the Adjudant’s Room? And what are the symbols and occupations related to this work environment? Zooming in and zooming out, in and out of a Royal realm.

Inspired by the way how the worktables of the Royal Family and the Royal Adjudant are shown on photos, our installation re-visits the workroom of the adjudant. The tables carry large paperstacks (as a link to the administrative work of the adjudant) with paperweights on top.  These paperweights are found object as well as objects designed by us, all referring to the work and the distinctins of the adjudant. As an additional layer to our research, Sandberg Institute graduate Annee Grøtte Viken collected documents and wrote texts about a fictional character who works as an adjudant. ‘A is for Ajudant, P is for Paperweight’ is part of a larger research project on jewellery under the name Jewellery Perspectives (Evelien Bracke & Irma Foldenyi).
Was on show at the Royal Paleis in Soestdijk, Netherlands, as part of the exhibition ‘Bal’.


faux fiction