Exercices de Style —
Pauline Bayet & Annee Grøtte Viken, 2018, Rue des Fabriques, Bruxelles

‘Exercices de Style’ after Raymond Queneau explore material tales through the craft of decorative painting.  Onyx, Breche De Vendome, Pine and other marbles and imaginary woods were manipulated and explored through formats, composition, surfaces and application in an appartment in Rue des Fabriques.

“We must confess we do not read Italian, so it is a bit useless for us, but the spines are ridiculously beautiful sitting on a shelf. The vertically sliced near repetition of that bit of Bernini’s Daphne, with bold text overlay, is graphic bliss.”

Linseedoil, terpentine, natural pigments, water & paper.

Photographs by Betrand Cavalier