KOLA SUPERDEEP - Table Tableaux or The Act Of Letting A Person Into Your Home - Albergo Rosa, 2016, group exhibition, Intensive Care, curated by Saskia van Stein at Bureau Europa, Maastricht

Objects that represent critical positions towards architecture’s construction of reality.

TABLE TABLEAUX or The Act of Letting a Person Into Your Home explores various modes of representation. This is done through experiments where making results from questioning how cinematic instruments can be used to construct and distort realities and give spaces possible contexts, pasts, and futures. The results are manipulated into specific material properties and formed into a physical presence. By bridging the worlds of science and poetry, through shaping the visible and tangible matter at hand, they address the subterranean, hidden, and imaginary dimensions of our everyday landscape.

Photography: Johannes Schwartz

albergo rosa
Maximiliaan Royakkers and Annee Grøtte Viken