Table Tableaux or The Act Of Letting A Person Into Your Home II PACIFIC RING OF FIRE - Albergo Rosa, 2016, Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht

Series of table scupltures presented through a dinner on the 24th of May at 19.00 in the Backyard Oasis at the Margaret / Jan van Eyck Academie in collaboration with Anna Reutinger.  

THE PACIFIC RING OF FIRE is part of ‘Table Tableaux or The Act of Letting a Person Into Your Home’, an on-going investigation about tables and their rituals by albergo rosa.  

Fragments floating in a stirring sea, the food has turned black, its colour; perhaps an image, perhaps derived from the notion of guilt or and disaster, perhaps just reality. Throw in, (throw up), throw out.

Made possible with support from The Creative Industries NL and The Jan van Eyck Academie.