illustration to essay by Louise Schouwenberg

MacGuffin no.5
The Cabinet



This issue of MacGuffin takes a look at cabinets in all their shapes and forms.

MacGuffin issue 5 on The Cabinet, opens up the curious life of the cabinet, where intimate stories are hidden away, kept and inevitably shown. Revealing enlightened DIY shelves, immaculate celebrity closets, whimsical cocktail bars, socialist kiosks, classic cubes and cabinets that beat you at a game of chess. Featuring Emily King, Vytautas Kumža, Les Lalanne, Ettore Sottsass, Slothouber & Graatsma, Wolfgang Tillmans, Yvonne Dröge Wendel and many, many more.

The Cabinet contains an essay written by Sam Jacob and Johannes Schwartz "Living with things" and pieces on self-storage.

MacGuffin is a new and unusual design & crafts magazine. It features fabulous stories about the life of ordinary, often anonymously designed things. Each biannual edition takes an object and explores the manifold stories it generates. Like the MacGuffins in Hitchcock films, these things are not the main characters, but the plot devices that set the story in motion.


Table of Contents



Domestic Encyclopaedia
with Marthe Belsvik Stavrum

Nature Boy
Rights of Way
Amy Gowan · Onomatopee

for Jean Paul Laenen Estate

Federation Levitationcommissioned critique

Sitterwerk in Situ
Accattone #6

Terra Nova
Painting Fake Minerals
Accattone #6

extracts from:
It Had Something To Do With The Telling Of Time

El Condor Pasa
with Carlo Gaston Goncalves Accattone #7

The Art of Becoming
for Nina Frankova

The Cognizant Fish
for Nina Frankova

Flip Tortilla
Oblique Kitchen Glossary for the Lebanese Sajeria with Alonso Vasquez

Chapter Two · Domestic Encyclopaedia with Marthe Belsvik Stavrum

Lost in Translation
for Ines Cox

The Garden & The Botanist

Chapter One · Domestic Encyclopaedia with Marthe Belsvik Stavrum

It Had Something To Do With The Telling Of Time

The Octopus Slay in 80 Ways
Public Sandberg
70 fingers and 14 eyes interpreting the Sandberg Graduation Show

The Moonpalace ‘D3ATHfromAB0V3x - 659 points 9 months ago‘ Public Sandberg

Jewellery Persepectives writingplace

Pool Made of Mirrors
Take Me On Podcast series

Only A Paper Moon
Macguffin Magazine
The Window

After Dark
Take Me On Podcast series

Writingplace ·
ArtEZ Ma Corpo-real


I am Selbu
Somme si, tå stenresearch project

Terra Nova
Accattone #6

Material Skin
visual research in
Accattone #6

Were You Blonde? research project

Mechanisms of Detection
for jewellery perspectives

Cave of Forgotten Dreams
with juri suzuki

Exercices de Style
with pauline bayet

Went Out For Cigarettes and Never Came Back albergo rosa

KOLA SUPERDEEP‘Table Tableaux or The Act of Letting A Person Into Your Home’
albergo rosa

From Pastels and Gunpowder to Blood, Coffee and Tobacco Stains

albergo rosa

A is for Adjutant, P is for Paperweight
for jewellery perspectives

Monster in the Livingroom
Macguffin Magazine
The Cabinet